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Vasily Aleksandrovich Arkhipov was a Soviet Officer on a submarine during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The sub was radio silent when depth charges were launched by the US. Both the captain of the sub and the political officer wanted to launch, but Vasily, the second in command with the final key refused.

Turns out an agreement had already been reached between the US and the Soviets, the sub simply didn’t know as they had no contact with Mocsow beforehand. Point is, I don’t think Putin is that stupid, he has in fact spoken against nuclear war,… but if he does order it, there is a history of Russians disobeying an order to end the world.

Troll question?. Except for Crimea which was a long established section of Russian military, it was an uphill struggle. First you send in agitators ..and they niggle at whatever the local sore point is … the lack of a swimming pool, the city dump too close to an old folks home,..and any grievance ,no matter how trivial becomes the faul of the “ others” , Then you send in strong arned men, to basically threaten anyone who is liberal or open-minded, and encourage them to leave , or shut up …and then you work up. A few “terrorist” attacks on local schools …and you are well on your way.

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