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These people want to hurt you. Let’s be clear. They want you to be a lowly serf who gets paid minimum wage with no healthcare. They want to stack the courts with cronies who will operate as political operatives rather than nonpartisan judges. They want women to be incubators at all costs for children, at all costs. And then do nothing to provide welfare for the child if the mother can’t afford the costs associated with childcare and motherhood. The Democrats are not perfect. I am angry at them too but only because they are impotent in passing their agenda thanks to certain members of the party. But my god, these Republicans are fascists. They are not a center right party. They are a far right party. The Democrats are everything to the left of that. Whether that be center-right, center, center left or left.

Dad christmas xmas dad mom matching family christmas shirt

Can anyone explain why taking the democrat majority Senate Nuclear is not an option at Chuck Schumer’s disposal? Let’s be 1000% real – Republicans care absolutely nothing about life. They have sat back and done absolutely nothing regarding guns when it comes to gun violence – mass shootings- and the loss of innocent lives so please let’s NOT proclaim they are pro life. THEY ARE NOT! It’s absolute bullshit. They refuse to deal with the NRA and do whatever it takes to protect ALL life. Money drives the fact that republicans do NOTHING ABOUT GUNS – they care nothing about life. And now Republicans have finally accomplished rigging the Supreme Court solely to overturn -Roe vs Wade. In the past the current justices on the Supreme Court outright lied when questioned proclaiming Roe to be settled law. Now the rigged Republican Supreme Court will overturn Roe and Republicans will finally control women and their life choices. Last I checked the only one to judge a life is God and the criminal republicans are far far from being God. Once they accomplish overturning Roe Republicans will then move on to destroy gay marriage and whatever else their self righteous selves deem inappropriate. No doubt their list is long. They are a phony bunch of power hungry hypocrites who feel they have the right to control our lives when they themselves figure out all sorts of ways to manipulate whatever laws they can to suit their inappropriate behaviors.

Dad christmas xmas dad mom matching family christmas s Hoodie

And all that sentiment is of course mixed with an irrational fear of and misunderstanding of contraceptives. For IUDs to interfere with a pregnancy, they need to simultaneously be too weak to prevent conception and powerful enough to interfere after conception. An impossible contradiction, as preventing ovulation or conception from occurring is much easier than disrupting a ‘pregnancy’ later on. Hormonal IUDs and plan B literally contain pregnancy hormones: hormones that help your pregnant body to stay pregnant; how could that possibly disrupt pregnancy? Sorry as this will likely offend some but it’s far past time we banned organized religion. Not personal belief. The issue is, Roe was a carrot on a stick issue for a very long time. I wouldn’t doubt that a large portion of Republican politicians saw it as a fight they could yell about to their voters without any true pressure to take real action on it. Of course the extremists who believed in the cause were there the whole time, but it wasn’t until Trump that the floodgates opened for extremists to occupy positions at all levels, including the supreme court. The Republican plan–for anything–always includes punishing the economic bottom half of American households, who are primarily people of color.

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