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Putin, of course, rescued his own $US 100M super-yacht, “Graceful”, from a German shipyard a couple of weeks before. Every day has shown another “arrest” of a mega-yacht belonging to Russian and pro-Russia Ukrainians on the sanctions list. Today there was another:

Putin apparently didn’t even warn his oligarch buddies what was coming based on the billions and billions of US dollars and assets “arrested” in the west, from super-yachts to Airbus-sized private jets to bank accounts to condos. The portable assets belonging to these oligarchs (boats and planes) didn’t even begin to flee until the day the sanctions dropped even though most probably knew that their names would be on the potential sanctions lists. It’s fairly obvious that they thought as did much of the world: that Putin was bluffing.

Russian yachts which managed to fuel and sail into international waters have few places to go. Many are heading for what’s being sarcastically called the Russian Riviera: Vladivostok. Will sanctions force Putin to withdraw from Ukraine? Experts say, probably not. He’s arrested thousands of Russians merely for expressing concern about the “de-nazifying action” in Ukraine. He sure as hell doesn’t care if they starve because of the collapse of the ruble and the economic deprivations caused by sanctions. My guess is that the war will just get bloodier as Putin pounds on civilian targets to force a surrender and Ukraine continues to receive military aid from the west.

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